Tusan Hotel


Our designers and engineers have shown again with this elegant new pool cover in Aydin, Turkey. This 4 bay telescopic enclosure retracts completely to its attached building, leaving a beautiful fresh air environment for swimming and sunbathing.

The hotel owners requested a special design onto their pool enclosure for maximum retractability, a garage like wall that can be pulled up with by crank to ease the innocuous transition from and indoor pool to an outdoor one. Not only were we able to design a custom project to their needs, when time came to install the kinetic structure the workers discovered that access to the hotel was unavailable road. Their ingenuity came to work once more when the crew, using cranes and excavators, moved the pool building’s pieces onto the beachfront and from the beach onto the hotel grounds. Having a retractable pool saves as well on construction and maintenance costs, as only one pool need be maintained where most hotels and complexes have one indoor and one outdoor pool. Insulated panels in the rolling building help keep the pool warm during rainy and cold days and the enclosures weight distribution means that it can be opened up within minutes for a complete hybrid of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom.

Tusan Hotel
Tusan Beach Resort Hotel
Aydin, TR
Retractable Structures 
14m x 20m (45' x 65')
16X mm Solar Control PC

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