Vertically Retracting Windows at Dark Hill Hotel


Vertically Retracting Windows? Seems kind of redundant, right? All windows retract vertically. The difference is that not all vertically retractable windows can be an entire wall. The Panora is a window or a door. While retracting up, walls are completely removed creating an outdoor space with the touch of a button. The Panora can also retract down and create a half wall to open up your space but continue to create a barrier.

Creating versatility in your space is essential to maximizing your restaurant’s business. Outdoor dining is a draw but what happens when the weather isn’t cooperating? Bad weather is frustrating when you are trying to offer your guests an outdoor dining experience. Panora solves that problem.

Panora uses vertical retraction to move glass panels up and down. For glass wall and glass door applications, the panels open in the up position permitting passage underneath. For window walls, Panora opens by consolidating panels in the down position, creating a built-in balustrade. In either case, Panora creates an opening of 66% to 75% of the rough opening (depending on number of panels used). This equates to 100% of the truly useable space.

The Dark Hill Hotel in Istanbul installed vertically retracting windows in their Hill Bar to ensure that guests had an unobstructed view of the beautiful city. Adding Panora ensured the best of both worlds for their guests, no matter the weather.

Dark Hill Hotel
Dark Hill Hotel
Istanbul , TR
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
4.5m x 3.1m (14' x 10' )
6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 6mm Tempered Clear laminated glass

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