Clear Vinyl Retractable Screens

Panorama Clear Vinyl Retractable Screens

Stoett’s weather resistant retractable screen designed to protect your porch, patio, and outdoor eating spaces.

Durable Design

Keeps out wind and rain

Easy Operation

Application Options


Porch & Patio


Outdoor Eating Spaces

Product Specifications

Maximum Size:

  • Frame: 20ft Wide x 11ft Tall
  • Screen: 100" Wide x 50" Tall
  • Housing Frame Height: 6"

Screen Options:

  • Super Screen: Durable and long lasting; resists deterioration, punctures and tears, and mildew (available only in black and white)
  • Noseeum: Extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called "no-see-ums" (available only in black and white)
  • Solar: Blocks additional sun’s rays from standard mesh (available in both medium and max blocking ability)

Frame Colors:

Screen Colors:


Download Product Sheet PDF:

Download Product Sheet