Retractable Screens

This screen is perfect for RVs, toy haulers and horse trailers. We also provide custom screens for cargo trailers, manufactured homes, and the marine industry. 

Compact and Intuitive Design

Keeps large openings bug free while boosting air quality, privacy and security

  • Full opening clearance when not in use
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing in black or white for interior compatibility
  • Low-profile side tracks for full-width clearance and tight-sealed fit
  • No bottom rail to drive over – screen attaches flush with the floor
  • Ergonomic & UV-protected with complete moisture protection
  • No need to button or zipper screens

Product Options

Product Options

Housing & Track Powder-Coated Colors

      • Black
      • White

Screen Fabric Colors

      • Charcoal/Black

Screen Choices

Strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh.

More Info

Powder Coated Aluminum?

Size Range

     Up to 102″ W and 115″ H

Manual (Spring Loaded)?


What measurements do I need to take to get the correct size ordered?
The measurements needed are the inside floor to ceiling height by the back door, and the inside wall-to-wall width measurement (take a measurement at the top and the bottom and use the smallest measurement).
What are the maximum dimensions for the SportScreen?
102” wide by 115” tall. We may be able to build larger, but call to speak with the technician to verify specifics, and for pricing.
Is the screen material locked into the side rails?
No, the screen (or mesh) is free-floating in the side rails, and not locked into it. This is to help prevent damage to the screen in the event something impacts it.
Where does the SportScreen mount?
It mounts between the back and any drop down bed that is in the unit, from floor to ceiling. Ensure there is enough room along the side walls to mount a 2” L-channel bracket. (Look for any outlets or switches that may interfere.)
What is the measurement of the canister?
The canister is 3”x3” (which mounts to the ceiling) and the rails are 1 ¼”x 2 ¼” (which mount along the side wall).
The screen of my SportScreen is damaged. Can I buy a replacement?
Yes, you can. We need to know the measurement of the canister from plastic cap to plastic cap, and the height of the opening. Pricing will depend on the size screen needed. You can replace the screen yourself, calling the technician for help, or you can ship the unit to us, and we can replace it in our shop. Either option requires a call to customer service for pricing and time frames.
What is the SportScreen made of?
The housing and pull bar are a powder coated aluminum, and the rails are a powder coated steel. The screen is a strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh.
How difficult is it to install the SportScreen?
Most owners have no problem with installation, which should take around 30 minutes. If you have any problems with installation, you can view our installation video, or call to speak with a technician.
Is the screen available in different colors?
The screen is only available in a charcoal/black color.
Do you accept returns?
We do not accept returns for the SportScreen, as it is a custom item. Please make sure the measurements are correct, or call technical support with any questions.
What is the warranty on the SportScreen?
There is a 1 Year Limited Warranty.