Showroom display program

Showroom Display Program

Did you know that we offered an attractive financial incentive to outfit your showroom or other customer displays? Our Showroom Display Program is designed to help you put real-world Stoett screen products on display to get your customers that “see and feel” experience. How does this Stoett dealer program work? [...]
The Ins and Outs of Screen Retention

The Ins and Outs of Screen Retention

Stoett offers best-in-class screen retention to ensure years of trouble-free operation and always-like-new appearance. Our approach to screen retention varies between product families to match the intended application. StowAway is our retractable screen for doors and windows. Here, the vertical housing assembly and pull rail can easily retain the screen [...]
Introducing SuperScreen Mesh

Introducing SuperScreen Mesh

A Strong, Durable, Cost-Savings Option Is the threat of flying insects keeping your customers from enjoying their patio, lanai, garage or other outdoor living space? Stoett has the answer. Homeowners who choose Stoett wide format screens will sleep better knowing loved ones are protected by the toughest and most reliable [...]
Start Selling Eco-Friendly Today

Start Selling Eco-Friendly Today

Who Needs Air Conditioning? Without a doubt, the indoor / outdoor living trend is on the rise. We spent a couple of years writing about it in our web posts. Architects and designers can even win awards for passive cooling designs. Fundamentally, you and I wouldn’t even have a business [...]
Start Personalizing Your Screens Today

Start Personalizing Your Screens Today

The Joy of a Perfect Fit The secret to getting the most out of Stoett’s full line of retractable screens for doors, patios, lanais, and garages is to take advantage of our many options to customize your solutions for homeowners. Our customization and American craftsmanship enable you to not only [...]
Another Reason Stoett Screens Last Longer

Another Reason Stoett Screens Last Longer

Stoett Screens Last Longer! I want to pull back the curtain for just a moment and show you the innovative technology behind Stoett motorized screens. The secret to ultra-quiet, long lasting, motorization is the Somfy RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) motor. These motors are backed by a 5-Year, non-prorated warranty and [...]
Stoett Screens Work Better

Why Do Stoett Screens Work Better?

Stoett Screens Simply Work Better! Have you seen the newest James Bond movie, Spectre? There is a scene in the Swiss Alps with a giant office where the featured actress is at her desk, sitting across from Bond. With the push of a button the expanse of surrounding glass walls [...]
Auto-Stop Feature

See Why Our Auto-Stop Feature is More Reliable

Auto-Stop Feature Works Better, Lasts Longer Motorized screens are pretty cool. When people first have them installed, they often show off to their friends and family by standing afar with their remote control and say "check this out!" Yep, it's all fun and games until...oops, somehow something made its way [...]
Lifestyle Ready Screen and Shade Features

Lifestyle Ready Screen and Shade Features

Featured Product Detail: Color Matched, Powder Coated Aluminum Handle Easier to Use, Looks Better and Last Longer. There is something about the feel of a quality product. How it feels in your hands. How it’s pleases the eye. How you pleasantly rely on it to serve your lifestyle, day in [...]
SeeHow Spring Technology Improves Screen Performance

Spring Technology Improves Screen Performance

A Hidden Secret About Stoett Pull-Down Retractable Screens There is a wide range of “Quality” when it comes to retractable screens. When we think of quality, we immediately think of things that hold up over time. High quality products that are designed to move tend to operate more smoothly, disengage [...]
PanoramaLite - Stoett Screens

A Hidden Secret About Retractable Screens

There is a wide range of “Quality” when it comes to retractable screens. When we think of quality, we immediately think of things that hold up over time. We also recognize how different something “feels” that is high quality. Whether you’re comparing retractable screens, windows, doors, drawers or anything that [...]

Backyard Pool Paradise #2

Key building blocks for your outdoor centerpiece As a centerpiece for outdoor living, an attractive pool area can provide a great getaway spot without ever having to get away. It can be a life-enhancing investment in family fun, in personal rejuvenation and in entertaining friends. In this article we want [...]

Backyard Pool Paradise

An inground pool can make your home even more special 5 tips when planning an inground swimming pool Among today’s building trends is the emergence of the in-ground swimming pool as the aesthetic and functional centerpiece of a residence’s principal yard space, making outdoor living ever more attractive whether you [...]
Outdoor Kitchen Feast

Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

A feast of options for your outdoor kitchen space Outdoor grilling has become one of the great American ways to enjoy a meal in outdoor kitchens. Just ask grill manufacturers! With the advent of increasingly sophisticated, no fuss, gas-burning grills of all styles and dimensions, cooking outdoors has become a regular weekday treat [...]

Keeping the Bugs Away

  Eating outdoors is one of the great ways to enjoy a beautiful summer day for all it has to offer in terms of refreshing relaxation. Exposed to the sun and the shade, the breezes and the special smells and colors of the surrounding plant life, people seem to find extra [...]
Screens help with Solar Protection

Screen out Those Rays – Solar Protection

Screen out those rays! Protect yourself and your home from damaging sunlight We love the warmth and brightness the sun brings into our lives. It makes our plants grow and is one of the reasons we enjoy the great outdoors. However, especially when summer reaches its zenith, too much sun [...]

Fresh Air Benefits you Never Knew About

  Full text below: Fresh air is good for you! And Stoett screens can help folks get plenty of it “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.” -Seals & Crofts   The summer breezes are here and people are eager to get out and [...]
outdoor grilling

Food Safety for your Summer Outdoor Dining

  Cooking outside brings some savory scents to the summer breezes. Increasingly, however, cooking out is not just a summer activity. A Weber GrillWatch Survey, in fact, showed that 49% of families intended to use their grill year-round. Yet as more cooking and entertaining moves outside, people need to pay [...]

Outdoor Living with Garage Doors

How different would your daily morning grind be if you could open up the wall and suddenly be enjoying your cuppa outside with the early birds and fresh dewy air?  How much more time would your family spend in the family recreation room if it could be converted into and [...]

Outdoor Dining in Style

  When people live in a place of great natural beauty, they want to enjoy it, be out in it, breathe it in, and smell it in the air.  Whether in the mountains or at the beach, stylish outdoor dining spaces have been increasingly in demand. New and exciting design [...]